Meet Murdered by Robots

Welcome to the official homepage of Murdered by ROBOTS, a rag-tag collective of low-fi alternative rock imposters beating their musical meat for anyone who will listen. We are proud members of the Screaming Mime Theater, a sleeper cell of (con)artists, musicians and troubled minds doing hard time in Sarasota Florida’s sweaty underbelly. We invite you use this site as your personal portal to our parallel Universe of political incorrectness, lunatic ramblings, melodic meanderings and generally questionable logic as we serve it up in byte-sized samples.

Check out all of our latest musical tracks, including our debut album –  available for free download, on our Soundcloud page at:

or  follow our podcasts on at:!/user/5289522

Enjoy our photograpy on Model Mayhem at:

and follow us on Twitter at @OliverTwisted_

Email us at

or phone us at (941) 321-9569

All are welcome, be you Geek or Spazmoid…

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