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  Bad news has never been in short supply but, since the turn of this century,  we seem to be experiencing a near record surplus of doom and despair. All over the world, protestors have taken to the streets, while governments crack down on civil liberties, and alliances are put to the test. We live in a world divided by ideology, by religion and economics, and every day brings us closer to the boiling point. Now, in these past two weeks, news has leaked of something so shocking, so heinous, and so contrary to the common good that we can no longer sit back and bite our tongues….

 I’m talking, of course, about Ben Affleck’s casting as the new Batman!
   In the latest episode of Two Guys Watching Porn, hosts Rob and Chris cry foul over this shocking development, while dodging alligators and struggling to understand why Superman can leap tall buildings in a single bound but can, apparently, no longer carry his own movie!
   Oh, and on a lighter note, they also attempt to discuss something called Syria
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  1. Paul the Jew says:

    I would like to leave a great comment but i have to be bias because i had grown up with Chris and everything he and we did was great. But i will say what the fuck is up with his partners lisp.

    • All comic masterminds have speech impediments… Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, even Porky Pig! Ron’s simply following in the grand Looney Tunes tradition! He’s like a flesh and blood cartoon character!

      • Paul the Jew says:

        The pie is in the oven.
        Don’t take any wooden nickels.
        Make the dead drop.
        Don’t tell Mr. Smoden.

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